Life is a Chess

Life is a Chess

Life is like playing chess, you have to be careful and wise to choose the right path for every wrong move will ruin and change everything. – EPITOME OF WORDS


This my story.

It is really wonderful when people look up to you, the feeling that you’ve given importance. The admiration, the love, and the trusts they show are just something beyond flattering. But it is another tiring thing when they force or expect you to be something you are not or will never be. The pressures and expectations are just too much to take. And sometimes it makes you want to vanish into oblivion and disappear forever.

This is my story.

I’ve never broken disappointments before. In fact, people claimed me as a perfect daughter. I always do everything just to impress everyone especially my parents. Truth be told, I am a good follower to the calling of my parent’s demands because I don’t want to disappoint them nor fail them. I haven’t had a decision on my own because I had this mantra that says, “Parents are always right” so I give way. Let’s just say, I’ll let them rule my life.

Beyond that, expectations were thrown in the air that it felt so suffocating. What if one day I couldn’t pull it off? Will they still love me? What if I wake up I became a disappointment? Would they still be proud of me? What if I failed, would they still accept me?

I’m being too inquisitive. Bizarre thoughts are mingling in mind. And I’m running scared. But the result, is as clear as crystal.

Go Kart at Kartzone

We never really came up with this idea. It was just actually unplanned. So yeah, unexpected plans are always the best. I’ve been experienced too many adventures but the go kart was really the most breathtaking sport. It was really an unforgettable one! Enough said, just look at the photos taken. xoxo


( The Place)




(With my siblings and little cousin)


It was probably a love at first sight

I was meticulously believe that “falling in love at first sight” do happened only in movies and just only a myth. I was being a Grinch then. Until one day, someone came along and all the premonitions ebb away. This all happened yesterday. The moment my eyes laid upon his, I was in awe. Just like in the movies, everything freezes for a second, zoomed in all way, the world pausing just for a span of time. His magenta eyes flickers on mine. I was in gasp. And his smile is something that I couldn’t stand but to fall. And in that moment, I know we were logically linked together as if we have a mutual connection. Paradoxically, it never ended with a happily ever after moment. We haven’t had the chance to introduce with each other. But despite of that, I know it in my heart it was real. He was real. And I’m happy for that.

There are just certain things we need to remember that everything happened for a reason. Someone we meet gives a great impact in our lives.
If we meet again, I will definitely make sure we will properly introduce with each other. Because if it’s meant to happen, then it will. Then if not, at least I had the chance.

To the red Valentino guy, this isn’t goodbye yet. Let’s just say,see you later and till we meet again.

Good times with awesome people

Nothing ever really compares to an awesome group of friends. Yesterday, we had a get-together with some of my high-school buddies. And get-together would be pointless without reminiscing the past and updating the present. To reminisce means a chance to share our craziness and playing unforgettable memories in our head. And the moment we remembered it, we couldn’t help ourselves but to laugh so hard we cried. It’s good to be reunited with them. Just like the old days, our bond never gets old. We still do immature and crazy things as if we were still young. I never get tired hanging out with them. If only we could hangout day by day, we will. High school friends are always the best! And thank God I met them.


Summer would be pointless without pictures and friends




Wordy Reminder

Lucky were those who born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth. They will never dig their fingers to the ground in order to live. They never will be delirious about one’s life poverty. They live in a state of affluent parts full of larnies. They get what they want. They don’t fantasize things because they have everything they need. Their Saturday nights usually consist of seeing a PG-13 movie and then getting frozen yogurt. Their happiness is always within their rich. I wonder how happy they must really be. Their world is full of certainty and hope. On the other side of the coin, those ill-fated people speak otherwise. Their lives weren’t that easy. They have to struggle in order to survive, work 18 hours a day but still not having enough to feed for thyself. They live full of uncertainty and negativity. They become vulnerable, have fear of futures, and lack of confidence because they think the world is greedy and life’s cruel. And due to low opportunities, some became monsters. They changed into someone they never expected to because it’s the only way they could escape their nightmares. They do crimes, they robbed, and they steal. They outlive evil because of pain.

Amidst the thought, I then realized, I guess it’s not about how we live. It’s about how we shaped our destiny and future. We, people, are the ones who create our own luck. It depends upon how we bring ourselves to a picturesque moment called life. How you reacted to every situation full of hardships framed you to what you are today. And this explains why diversity of life exists. People have their own way to deal their lives. The successful ones overcome obstacles, while the thwarted ones, easily surrendered. The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of perseverance.
Now, pause and think. Where’s your life headed to?
Open your eyes and see the world ahead of you. Pause and think. Work and pray hard! Earn it.

A bitch-slap is sometimes necessary.

Sometimes, there comes a point in our life where we can’t dodge ourselves from being envious with other people’s’ lives. Imagining, how would our lives be if we were in the other else’s shoe. What would be like if we also had the chance to experienced those things we never encountered at all. Sometimes you hate your life. Sometimes you downgraded the level of your self-esteem.

And sometimes you compared and ask, “Why is my life not interesting as hers?”, “Why am I not smart?”, “I wish I was beautiful liker her”, “I wish I have a car”, “I so envy her for getting always what she wants” and the like.

And wishing all these things feels like you were looking through a closet of emotional tales, hoping a genie would suddenly appear and  trying to figure out  which one was appropriate when in reality it was just a fantasy because magic will never ever works, and fairy-tales only happen in movies.

Disappointment reveals. A sharp blade of sadness goes through you, deep and quick as though something large and cold is lodged there.

Reality sucks sometimes! I know. We all know. That’s the greatest irony of life. The thing is, sometimes our brains is such a wasteland of confusion  and digests everything it perceives, absorbing the useful, and discarding the useless.  And this is just a mere thought of over-thinking too much. We want things to be better , we may even want ourselves to be better – but we can’t seem to make it happen. Because our world has no fairy-tale.

And by that, bitch-slapping sometimes be necessary to wake us up towards reality.