And I’m back!


The truth is, I have to get my life in blogging to be back on track! Yeah, its been a year or so since I posted something dramatic or whatever you call it post here. I was just too tired, busy or got uninterested doing the blogging though. I cant reassure to post daily but I’ll try to update once or twice a week.

But morover, there have been so many new changes in my life. There are things that I need to share it online (publicly) because its worth to share. I cannot wait to share it with you guys. It would be my daily basis life or my love life. Haha! Im being so expressive here. Anyways, talk to you next time. Im outta here! Ciao! xoxo


This my story.

It is really wonderful when people look up to you, the feeling that you’ve given importance. The admiration, the love, and the trusts they show are just something beyond flattering. But it is another tiring thing when they force or expect you to be something you are not or will never be. The pressures and expectations are just too much to take. And sometimes it makes you want to vanish into oblivion and disappear forever.

This is my story.

I’ve never broken disappointments before. In fact, people claimed me as a perfect daughter. I always do everything just to impress everyone especially my parents. Truth be told, I am a good follower to the calling of my parent’s demands because I don’t want to disappoint them nor fail them. I haven’t had a decision on my own because I had this mantra that says, “Parents are always right” so I give way. Let’s just say, I’ll let them rule my life.

Beyond that, expectations were thrown in the air that it felt so suffocating. What if one day I couldn’t pull it off? Will they still love me? What if I wake up I became a disappointment? Would they still be proud of me? What if I failed, would they still accept me?

I’m being too inquisitive. Bizarre thoughts are mingling in mind. And I’m running scared. But the result, is as clear as crystal.

Temple Run 2 Madness

Fingers got weaken. Batteries easily drop in. Heart slowly dying. And body’s trembling and shaking.

That is how I feel whenever I play temple run 2. Cray cray as it sounds, but it is definitely true.

I’m not into games, cause it so childish and boyish.  But temple run 2 has changed my perspective.  I don’t know how it all started, it just happened accidentally. It’s like I’m accidentally in love.

Just like love, temple run 2 is “maka-boang”. Maka boang in a sense of you can’t manage to pull off your fingers away from the tab and couldn’t fight the urge to play.

And just like school works, temple run 2 has also became highly important. It is now your priorities to play with it.

And like people, temple run 2 can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Especially when it doesn’t work the way you wanted. I felt anxious whenever the game ends too soon. Worst case scenario: when your character died in an unexpected circumstances in a 5,000 meters run and got no lives left. And the reason of death? Well simply you fell. What a bummer!

Here’s the catch:
Instead of reading books, and doing some important matters, I find myself sitting in the couch (lying isn’t required when you play this because you need to sway your body to get coins).

See? That is how temple run 2 brought changes in my daily routine. It may look bad and improper, but I just can’t deny the fact that it was enjoyable and fun. Try to put yourself in my shoes and see how fun is this!

Because once you tried, emotions go wild.


I’m scared of being hurt..

I am in love with the idea of being in love. I love the feeling you get when you’re around with someone you’ve feelings for.

I love how it makes me, I love being able to talk with him, and having someone make you smile and laugh.

But on a second thoughts, I’m scared on the idea of being in love too, though.

I’m scared of rejection, I’m scared of being hurt. And being brought down.


Newbie Vee :)

Hey hey posh colleagues! Before I post some random topics here, why not get to know the girl behind this blog first. Game?
Okay, I’m Flariez Cid Venisle Merto. You can call me Venisle, Isle, Vee or whatever you prefer. I am twenTEEN years old. I’m from Cebu City.
I live my life by writing the things I like, feelings I feel, and anything as long as I’m in the mood. I am a pen and a notebook lover and have a picturesque thoughts.
I am not that good looking or even a head-turner kind, but I always stand out with my own uniqueness and with guts and confidence.
I am easily attracted to someone who’s neat, has a sense of humor and Gwapo, of course. Haha. Boys with dimples and knows how to play guitar is a major turn on.

I’m drawn to bright and neon colors but Pink will always be my signature color. I hate to be laugh at, seriously. I hate social climbers, two-faced people and Plastics!

I may be sometimes a mean but I’m definetly a sweet friend. I am a good friend and a worst enemy. So don’t ever try to stab at my back!

I am someone who always updated about new trends. I heart fashion! I’d splurge more on clothes and bags than shoes. I’m a bookworm.

Uhm. What else? I guess I vent to much already.

One last thing, hope you’ll find my posts an inspiration and an amusement! Stay tuned posh colleagues 🙂

xoxo, Isleloveyou