Words fail me

That awesome feeling when someone is making an effort to make you smile.


February 14 – 8:00 am
The moment I opened my eyes a new rush of adrenaline urged me on. The giddy feeling I couldn’t resist. At the back of my mind, I knew this would be a great day because it’s Valentine’s day. There were lot of what if’s in my mind, just like “unsa kaha i hatag ni bao” or “naa ba kaha cyay surprise”. There were lots of fleeting moments played in my head and it really thrilled me. I texted him goodmorning and greeted him. And because of too much excitement I called him. But he was too busy dreaming and sleeping so I kinda get annoyed. I kept on texting him “hey wake up” and even called him million times but wala jud cya ni mata.

9:00 am – he texted me good morning and greeted me too. And I was like ” thank god he’s awake”. Not that I expected, he got angry because he thought my message is a “gm” (group message) and I was like really? He said it wasn’t sincere because it was effortless. And because girls are too sensitive, my ears turned into red. But I remained calm kay lage its Valentine’s day. I even said sorry bisag wa koy sala niya but he didn’t accept it. I mentally killed him. Im kinda upset too! It was until I lost my temper. I cussed him and vice versa. The petty fight turned into world war iii.  I really cried because of too much upset. Until i was on the verge to break up with him. Really! I’m even more pressured because parents and sibs always asking how we are going to spend our Valentine’s. I cringe.

Time goes on hapit nalang mo gabie, he’s still not in the mood. He’s still upset and so am I. I cried and cried and cried until I fell asleep.

To make this short,
9:00pm – my phone vibrated. 5 missed calls and one text message from him. He texted “hoy” but I ignored it. While I’m eating my dinner, another vibration from my phone. I ignored it again. The moment I finished eating, another call from him I answered it and he said “gawas bi” but I ignored it again. My bro called me and said he was really outside our house. I really didnt believe it at first. So I hurriedly go out and bang, he really was there. He hugged me and kissed me in my forehead. And gave me this one


I was surprised then! He’s really a good pretender. It was really his plan to annoy me so that it would be sweeter daw. Hahays what a guy! He never fail to surprise me. And we decided to celebrate it outside. We went to It park to Mango Avenue to his house.

Just as I thought it would be the worst Valentine’s was turn out to be the funniest night ever! And I just got home from our yester-nights laag.


Morning face



And this was how my Valentine’s went. How was yours so far?




 It’s feels good to wake up knowing your in a happy relationship with someone you love. Today marks our 11th month & 48 weeks of togetherness.

10978709_834429903282086_6970003260218415755_n  10997727_834429809948762_3102529229513074619_n


I’m glad we made it this far!
My happiness is genuine when I’m always with him. We may not be the perfect couple. We may be argued over small things but we wont let the day pass, we always make sure to fix it before we go to bed. And that’s why I love him because he always do the first move to fix everything. I’m so lucky I found someone who never get tired to understand my nonsense attitude and always understands my moods. When we’re together everything is perfect. In my eyes he’s mine and I’m his and that would be enough. No one or nothing could separate us. Our love is sharpened by the stone of our challenges and strengthened by the struggles of our growth. I thank God I found him! Cheers to forever. To more adventures , laughers and happiness.

And I’m back!


The truth is, I have to get my life in blogging to be back on track! Yeah, its been a year or so since I posted something dramatic or whatever you call it post here. I was just too tired, busy or got uninterested doing the blogging though. I cant reassure to post daily but I’ll try to update once or twice a week.

But morover, there have been so many new changes in my life. There are things that I need to share it online (publicly) because its worth to share. I cannot wait to share it with you guys. It would be my daily basis life or my love life. Haha! Im being so expressive here. Anyways, talk to you next time. Im outta here! Ciao! xoxo

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