It’s feels good to wake up knowing your in a happy relationship with someone you love. Today marks our 11th month & 48 weeks of togetherness.

10978709_834429903282086_6970003260218415755_n  10997727_834429809948762_3102529229513074619_n


I’m glad we made it this far!
My happiness is genuine when I’m always with him. We may not be the perfect couple. We may be argued over small things but we wont let the day pass, we always make sure to fix it before we go to bed. And that’s why I love him because he always do the first move to fix everything. I’m so lucky I found someone who never get tired to understand my nonsense attitude and always understands my moods. When we’re together everything is perfect. In my eyes he’s mine and I’m his and that would be enough. No one or nothing could separate us. Our love is sharpened by the stone of our challenges and strengthened by the struggles of our growth. I thank God I found him! Cheers to forever. To more adventures , laughers and happiness.


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