What If We Reversed Meanings

Thought Catalog

What if, universally, feminine was a synonym for strong and masculine a synonym for weak? Would the color pink be worn more frequently and crying be considered courageous and the pathetically labeled “feminine” careers of mother, teacher and administrative assistant be highly competitive, sought-after jobs? Would men constantly fear for their safety while women only worry about rape in jail, as that is the only time such a violent situation for a woman is fathomable?

What if, universally, happiness was equated to a rainy day while sunny days meant sadness? Would we welcome the darkness of clouds and thundering lightening and the soothing raindrops that collide with glazed pavement? Would we frown in the presence of blue skies because warm temperatures meant things were too easy and “perfect weather” meant we wouldn’t feel any pain? Would we constantly seek the hard times and inconvenient times and uncomfortable times in order…

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